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There’s so many CRMs and marketing software, what sets GreenRope apart?

GreenRope is the world’s first complete CRM platform, offering a full set of tools and applications for sales, marketing, and operations teams. Keeping every department connected and eliminating data silos is at the core of what we do. When your organization can stay together in one place, it fosters real collaboration and efficiency that’s unmatched by our competitors.

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AI-Powered CRM and Marketing Automation

With countless ways to automate daily tasks using our journey builder, workflows, drip campaigns, and more, it is clear that GreenRope offers the best value in the CRM space. Our brand new AI suite is an indispensable tool for marketing and sales allowing you to create custom emails in seconds, all while controlling our entire system with your voice. This is just a small taste of the power that our all-in–one platform can provide to fuel growth in your business. Get started today with a free live demo and two week trial today!

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Meet NOVA, your CRM assistant

NOVA, GreenRope's AI voice assistant, revolutionizes daily productivity by seamlessly integrating with your account. Imagine starting your day with a personalized snapshot of your CRM tasks, prioritized to streamline your workflow. NOVA goes beyond basic assistance, offering insightful contact summaries that empower users with relevant information at their fingertips. NOVA takes the hassle out of email creation by effortlessly generating your next template based on context and preferences. With its advanced capabilities, NOVA is not just an assistant; it's a strategic partner that increases efficiency and enables users to navigate their CRM with ease.


Turbocharge your marketing efforts with our full suite of tools. Create winning customer journeys with our drag-and-drop customer mapping tool. Increase awareness, generate more leads, and inspire engagement that converts leads into forever customers.


From customer service to project management, event management and beyond, GreenRope® has all the tools a business needs to successfully manage every piece of the puzzle. No need for extra third-party software, all your operations tools are available in one consolidated platform.


Effectively manage your pipeline and track every touch point with your leads and customers. Never miss a follow up or a chance to drive conversions. GreenRope® acts as your second brain, helping you stay on top of your leads and clients and simplifying the way you work everyday.

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