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Save up to 80% off subscription prices when you switch to GreenRope. Our complete suite of tools coupled with our world-class support will get you to where you want to be. GreenRope is your partner, every step of the way.

Unlimited users & emails

Tie your team together with GreenRope. With all the tools you need for sales, marketing, and customer service, you don’t have to worry about investing in multiple solutions. Plus, you get unlimited emails, along with those unlimited users!

Improve your ROI

Great software doesn’t have to break the bank. GreenRope gives you the power to streamline your business across all departments, reducing Total Cost of Ownership and increasing your ROI.

Unlimited 24/7 support

We understand that success with CRM takes training and support. Our support team is one of the best in the business. We are available by phone, live chat, email, and more.

As a consultant, I've worked with some of the world's largest and hottest firms, including dozens of startups. I've therefore also worked with dozens of different CRM and marketing automation systems, including all the well-known brands. All have their pluses and minuses, but the one I recommend the most to clients is GreenRope. The combination of features and capabilities make this platform second to none.

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Your Complete CRM Includes


Effectively manage your pipeline and track every touchpoint with your leads and customers. Sell more with in-depth contact records, lead scoring, tasks, click-to-call, custom sales reports, predictive analytics, and more.


Create targeted customer journeys with our drag-and-drop customer mapping tool. Automate your marketing efforts, increase awareness, generate more leads, and inspire engagement that converts leads into forever customers.

Customer Service & Operations

From customer service to project management, event management, and beyond, GreenRope has all the tools a business needs to successfully manage every piece of the puzzle. No need for extra third-party software, all your operations tools are available in one consolidated platform.

A Completely Integrated Solution Designed with You In Mind

At GreenRope, we believe that each part of your business works better when integrated together! Break the silos of traditional business structures and create a collaborative, data-driven organization that thrives in today’s ever-changing business environment.

Sales Features

Sales tools to set you apart from the competition

We give you the sales tools you need to help you stay on top of your leads and clients and close more deals quickly.


CRM is at the core of your day-to-day sales process. We make it easy for you to access and manage your contacts and your day in one place.

Pipeline Management

Gain full transparency into who your leads are and where they’re at in your funnel. Customize your opportunity paths and trigger automation to help push them through your funnel.

Lead Nuturing

With integrated lead nurture tools, you easily align your sales and marketing efforts. Drive your leads through your funnel with automated messages, personalized email templates, workflow automation, and more.

Marketing Features

Marketing Automation at its finest

Create, automate, and convert with integrated marketing tools

Marketing Automation

Integrated CRM and marketing automation improves how you collect, manage, and use your data. Easily segment your contacts and personalize how you connect and engage to drive sales.

Customer Journeys

Our drag-and-drop customer journey mapping tool lets you create personalized customer journeys and better customer experiences. Map out the paths your contacts take based on their actions, demographics, campaigns, and more.

In-Depth Reports & Campaign Optimization

Find out how your marketing efforts are performing from lead generation to engagement to conversions. Use those insights to optimize your campaigns and improve the customer experience across the entire buyer’s lifecycle.


Customer Service & Operations tie your business together

Sales & marketing are only two pieces of the puzzle. To get a 360-degree view of your business, you need customer service, project management, and more, all tied together.

Customer Service

Customer service is a huge part of the customer experience. Use our ticketing feature, integrated Olark live chat, and more to connect and serve your leads and customers! Keep track of every engagement and automate personalized follow ups.

Event Management

From the invite to the follow up, GreenRope’s event management feature helps you manage every aspect of both online and offline events. Plus, we integrate with Zoom to help you automate your event management.

Project Management

Track projects and tasks for both your team and your clients. Manage billable hours, allot time spent on specific tasks, and more, all integrated within your CRM. We even have an easy to use Kanban board to help you effectively measure progress.

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