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Switching CRM from Infusionsoft to GreenRope couldn't be easier!

Changing CRM can seem daunting at first, but with the right partner, it doesn't have to be painful. Our team of experts can help you transfer your contacts, activity data, and opportunities to GreenRope - all free of charge.

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Infusionsoft vs GreenRope

Feature GreenRope InfusionSoft
Price (Based on 5,000 Contacts) $249/month $299/month
Conversion Tracking and Sales Pipeline
Predictive Analytics
Online Surveys and Assessment Generator
Lead and Opportunity Management
Unlimited Emails 25k/month
Dynamic and Personalized Content
Google Analytics Integration
Attribution Tracking
Project and Task Management tasks only
Mobile App
Event Management
Unlimited Users 4 included
Support Team In-house Outsourced

"I used Infusionsoft for years and changed to Greenrope. For me, Greenrope is a much more intuitive platform – much better customer service – more affordable – they even help you integrate all of your data into their platform.

I was with Infusionsoft for years – I found they changed over time and it became more and more difficult to work with them.

I find Infusionsoft clunky compared to other platforms out there – I’m very happy with Greenrope. They are a young company and very eager for feedback. I’ll bet I get an email once a month or so checking in with me to make sure that I have everything I need. They’ve taken lots of time with me to get the system up and running for me."

- Ron Marcus
Principal, Shindy Media
Ron Marcus

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