Complete CRM: Integrated Sales & Marketing Software for Your SMB

Complete CRM
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Total Cost of Ownership & how you can save with integrated software

How to align sales, marketing & customer service

Why integrated CRM is the best choice for SMBs

The difference between per-user and per-contact pricing structures

The key features to look for when choosing a CRM

Best practices & strategies for successful CRM implementation

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CRM Defined 01

The Key to Successful Sales & Marketing 02

The Concept of Total Cost of Ownership 03

Marketing Automation 04

CRM: The Sales & Marketing Tool You Can't Ignore 05

A Closer Look at the Benefits of CRM 06

Per-User vs Per Contact Pricing Models 07

Successful CRM Implementation 08


Featured Quote

Lars Helgeson


"All businesses require a flexible and adaptable system that supports and increases their productivity while reducing both technological and business risks. Challenges, such as inconsistent data and miscommunication, arise when information is not readily available to team members who need it. Hosting all of your data in one place will not only increase your sales & marketing effectiveness, but also support an operation’s overall productivity and profitability. "

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